10 Things to do in 2018

(I would just like to say I know this post is a week late, 2018 went off to an amazing start, well-done lucy, as you read this think back to the 1st of January because that's when this should have been posted)

Where has this year gone? as I write this it's the 31st of December 2017, and it feels like yesterday I was in my first year at Falmouth uni and in a very different place in life.
365 days have passed and a lot has happened, my business has grown and I've learnt a lot in life, some good and some bad, however, this year has been amazing. 

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I wanted to take some time out, as we come to the end of 2017, stop for a moment and think about what it is I want to achieve in the next 365 day. 
This is something I've never done before, I normally just say what happens will happen, however taking time out and setting goals has really helped me see where I want to go in life. 
This has been helped hugely by the amazing planner the Imperfect life, (Link here) back in August I found this planner as a kickstart campaign and fell in LOVE with it,  the concept looks at how life isnt always perfect however that doesn't mean we shouldn't set goals and absolutely boss them, I'm planning on dedicating a full blog post to this amazing planner, once I've used it for a few weeks, keep your eyes open for this. 

Right back to my 2018 goals and the things I hope to achieve/do/save up for,  in the next 365 days. 

1. Go on holiday. 
I haven't been on holiday for about 6 years, just due to not having the money and not knowing where to go, I'm so bad a picking one place, I'll spend hours looking at holidays and never actually book one. This year I'm thinking of putting places in a hat and letting chance pick my holiday, either way, travelling will be happening. 

2. Work with brands.
As I build my business I really want to start to work with different brands on content. I feel like every photographer has a list of brands they dream to work with, currently, my dream brands are, River Island, Ted Beaker and Charlot Tillbery. so if for some reason someone who works for any of these is reading this post, you could make a girl dreams come true.
However, if I was given the opportunity to work with any creative fashion biased brand in 2018, I'd be over the moon,

3. Blog weekly.
My Blog, ow my blog, this is becoming a bigger and bigger thing for my photography,  showing behind the scenes, additional editorials and the lifestyle that comes with being a photographer. I've had a blog for the past 5 years, jumping between lifestyle, fashion and well anything I feel like writing about however never really invested the time to grow my following, 2018 is the year this is changing. I want to start posting weekly and well I'll try and keep it to the theme of photography but this is me so expect posts about, well, anything I feel like writing about, however, I've now put it out to the world so it's happening people. 

4. Work with more bloggers.
I love working with this amazing community,  All my amazing bloggers have become more than just clients, but I've found lifelong friendships within this community. 
Every day I feel so privileged to be apart of this fast growing world of influencers. 
They keep you on your toes, every blogger is different and is looking for something different, but that's what makes my job so amazing, I feel like I learn something new every shoot with these amazing people. 

5. Read more books/blogs. 
In 2017 I really upped my reading, especially with different blogs, however, you can never read to much, so if you have a blog or a book I should read drop a link in the comments. 

6. Fashion Weeks
I'm looking to attend two or more fashion weeks this year, London fashion week was always been a dream of mine and in 2017 I attended my first official London Fashion Week, it was amazing!! So 2018 lets up this, I'll be in London for February and September, however, I hope to attend either Paris or Milan at some point this year, If you're around drop me a message. 

7. Save for a new lens.
I've had my eye on the canon L series 24-70 lens for a while now along with the 35 mm lens, working with both of these at uni, showed me how much I need a new lens. Time to start saving lucy

8. 1,500 on Instagram.
I'm slowly working on the 10k mark and well if that happens in 2018, I don't think I'd know what to say, huge give away time if that happens, however after looking at my imperfect life planner I decided 1,500 followers is a reachable goal within 365 days, so if you don't already follow me click here.

9. Attend more events.
Being an introvert, I always hid away from events and talking to big groups of people, I've been invited to a few blogger events before and always felt like I wasn't good enough to attend, but this is changing. 
2018 is going to be filled with events in blogging, photography and live music because this girl can do it, I'm going to be stepping out of my comfort zone big time in the next 12 months. 

10. Step away from social media.
This is an odd one after talking about how I want to grow my online profile, however, I also find spending too much time scrolling through Instagram or mindlessly looking at my laptop unproductive, sometimes we all need to step away from the online world, so that's why one of my goals is to spend more time in the here and now not just looking at my phone. 

So there we are 10 goals for 2018, writing these down and posting them feel so odd for me. It's something I've never done however this year is a new year full of new things, so here we go, here's to 2018 and everything it brings.

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