Let's take a look at one of the shoots from this year with fashion and lifestyle influence @Withloveanni

I first met Anni back in February over a fantastic Mexican meal in London; She had messaged me asking if I want to go for lunch and then take some images after fining my Instagram via the hashtags I use (Yep they do work people). 
Anni is genuinely a lovely girl to work with, bring classic Parisian style to the streets of London, our shoots together are never dull, having captured images on tube platforms at Shoreditch, running in fountains at Somerset House.  
These images, captured on the smallest bit of pavement by the strand is one of our favourite shoots together. An impromptu location after plan A didn't work, there were a few times a bus would go past a little to close for comfort, with me standing on the edge of the pavement, but It's what we do as creators for that perfect image


Influencer: @withloveanni
Photographer: @lucy_aliceb

Camera: Canon 5d ii - 50mm 1.2
Location: The strand 14:30 

Lucy Alice