Fashion is Art

If I asked you to describe traditional art, most likely you'll describe the works seen hanging on galleries walls, large oil painting with intercut brush strokes or stone people possed in uncomfortable positions, however something you might not say is fashion, yet if you look Fashion is one of the most accessible forms of art available.

For years people have seen it as a creative outlet, personally, I feel that fashion is no longer just the creator's art form, but the wearers too, We are in the age of personal style, standing out and showing the brand of YOU is more accepted now than ever before.

Fashion goes thought a prosses in which it becomes the art of different people, when a garment is first created it is the art of the designer, it then moves to become the art of the marker, before falling in to the hands of a stylist or photographer where it again becomes the art of that individual, it then arrives at the wearer and yet again it becomes their art, styled and paired with different garments to create an overall look/feel. 

this idea that the art of fashion moves also makes you think that daily we are all artists in what we wear, we doing this by picking garments that could tell the world a statement or show our story of life, Fashion is a way of expressing one's self it always has been and always will be, celebrating this art form is a way of life. 

Like all good artists, we all have our own style, we can't be copied by others only inspiring them, allowing others to take ideas and add thei own style on top. We are all artists, fashion is our paintbrush and the world is our canvas, 2018 is the year to create



EditorialLucy AliceComment