London Fashion Week Men's

Ladies and Gentlemen, Fashion Weeks have started, this is not a drill the fashion world is now getting ready for Autumn/ Winter. 

Lucy Alice B Blog MFW

This January I attended my first fashion week of the year, something I'd never done before and no matter how many times you attended one of these events each one is unique.
This one was no different, attending London Fashion Week Men's was an experience for me, learning lessons on how this particular Fashion Week works and I have to say the biggest one for me was the cold, little old me wasn't ready for the cold!

I was asked by Red Milk magazine last minute to cover street style at LFWM, I didn't have any tickets for the shows, however, there was some amazing fashion seen on the streets this January. 

Because I didn't attend the shows I was able to really get into street style shooting. Normally I’m running between shows, trying to drink a coffee or eat something to keep me going, I'll spend 5 minutes snapping outside before I need to go in and get a good spot for the show, I never get the time to actually shoot street style. This was one of the things I really liked about attending LFWMs, my sole focus was street style, something I've found out I really like shooting.

As always,  I learnt a few things at my first Men’s fashion week so why not share them with you lovely people. 
One. if you go to London in January is cold, very cold people, on the first day my hand actually froze around my camera, yep I had to use my other hand to get my camera free (getting me some gloves for February) 

Two.  It’s different from Woman’s Fashion Week, there are fewer people in the street style scene. I felt like peacocking didn’t exist, or was at least a lot smaller at LFWMs, people seemed to be there to see the fashion/trends coming out of some of the best fashion houses in the country. This was both lovely and not, People are there to work and don't always want their images taken, so I learnt quickly that you have to be on the ball at Men's.

Three. The days are shorter, both in sunlight and show schedules, this was both a blessing and a course, with the day’s being shorter shooting street style became a difficult game after 4 PM, yep that’s right 4 PM! Over half the day was gone because the sun went down, something I had forgotten about before getting to London, after spending all of December inside a theatre, cleaver one girl.
However, every cloud has a silver lining, mine was the shorter show schedule Men’s fashion week seems to have, meaning I was actually able to get some sleep that weekend. Having worked woman the last few seasons, I was used to the 9 am shows and running solely on coffee for 12 hours, so when I saw the first show wasn’t until 11 or even 12 and ran until 6/7 I was like girl you've got this, however, this was short lived when the sun went down at 4, but hey we all learn as we go. 

So there we are, a quick round-up of some street style images and a few things I learnt for next time at London Fashion Week Men's, I also know this is almost a month late and I've probably missed the hype train for this event, but this blogging thing is still new to me. 

Comment below if you've enjoyed this post, or would like the same for Women's in February or if you have any blogging tips for me. 

Happy Wednesday !!

Lucy xx