Quick shoots - Pimpkin spice

The nights are getting colder, the leaves are falling and pumpkin spice latte are back, yes it’s well and truly Autumn, we can also tell it’s Autumn from the number of Starbucks coffee images, shoes in leaves and well the warms tons filling our Instagrams, we see Autumn and think Orange. 

I wanted to do something different on the blog today, I'm starting a new series if you can call it that.

The quick shoots series is going to be short posts showcasing some of the quick creative shoots I do when inspiration/motivation is...... well rock bottom, these shoots are nothing more than for myself, to bring back my inspiration. 

As any creative person knows all too well inspiration can sometimes go for a walk leaving you behind, as we all knowSlindoncatching up isn’t always easy. Quick shoots for me are a way to find my lost inspiration, I gather what’s around me and snap some images, as it happened this weekend my sister went to Slindon pumpkin display and picked up this little cutie of a pumpkin.  

After seeing this little guy and with the tree in our garden shedding its leaves, I finally felt like I had caught up with my inspiration, so in the brake of very windy weather this weekend I headed to the end of the garden and started snapping away some still life images, my very own quick little product shoot. 


Lucy Alice B Blog Quick Shoot - Pimpkin Spice

I would also like to say I’ve never had a pumpkin spice latte, are they any good/worth the hype? I’m more of a green tea girl at the moment and you can probably tell 

Comment below if I’m missing out on something amazing here

Lucy Alice xx

Props used: 
Zara Sarff  
Charlott Tolbert mate revelation lipsticks: Bond Girl and Very Victoria  
Twinings Green Tea: I currently have an obsession with these, gingerbread is the best just saying! 
Quick ShootsLucy Alice