Summer Skincare and ​​​​​​​Wellbeing  

So another week has passed, and today I wanted to talk about skin care. This isnt something I've ever talk about one my blog, however, last month I received a few skincare and wellbeing products, so I thought I’d do a quick overview, share my opinions on them after having used the products. Some I love and others not so much.

Disclaimer: I was sent these products in exchange for a post on Instagram, this isn't an add, and the opinions below are 100% honest and my own. 


First up is the 5HTP supplements from TrueVit, They claim that these are for helping with brain function and heling to improve your mood.

I'm someone who gets stressed easy, so thought I'd give them a try, I liked the look of the brand after reading about them, organic ingredients, gluten-free and suitable for vegans, from there website the brand looked really good, I'm really fussy when it comes to supplements, being type 1 diabetic, I look after what goes into my body.

When I got the bottle, the packaging didn't feel as nice as it looked on the images and the bright blue pills did look a little odd, I think i was expecting a more organic feel to the packaging and product. I took the supplements for two days straight, in the morning before breakfast (as stated on the back of the bottle) however these little things didn't agree with me at all, day one I felt a little sick in the afternoon and on day two I felt like i was really going to be sick, didn't take anymore and returned to normal. Now, this might just be my body, I don't always do well with supplements, however, I've never felt that sick after taking something. Sorry, TrueVit these weren't for me.

So wellbeing didn't go all too well, however, the skincare I got has been a life changer


I do love me some skin care, this year I've gotten into taking care and giving my face what it needs, deciding to wear less makeup, was a big jump for me, having been someone who couldn't go out without a full face on.

This product is from NutrientWise, I'd never heard of them, I was sent a skin serum containing Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen, good for helping out own anti ageing prosses increasing moisture and reducing wrinkles, and yes it does what it says on the bottle. I've really enjoyed using this serum, it left my skin feeling hydrated but not sticky something I've had with other products in the past. 

This product is yet to be my everyday serum; I try not to change my skincare too much, after reading it takes eight weeks for the skin to  settle down after a change, however, this little miracle bottle is going to be my next hydrating serum 


Now, this was another brand I'd never heard of before Skin Kissed has been popping up on my Instagram feed a lot the last month and I've only ever seen positive opinion on it, like NutrientWise It's a hydrating serum with Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen, however Skin Kissed also has Vitamin C in it, this ingredient helps with your own body's production of collagen, so you get a double hit of the good stuff with this product. 

I tested out Skin Kissed and straight away this has become part of my everyday skincare routine. Now I'm not someone who has a long rotten, I need something quick and easy at the end of the day, After cleaning and toning my face, I apply The Ordinary Salicylic Acid 2% on my spots and then apply Skin Kissed, finishing it off with The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factors +HA, I've found this routine to work best for my skin, sticking to this for the past 3 weeks, I've seen improvements in my spots and the overall hydration of my skin even in this hot summer weather, feeling confident even without makeup, I think out off the two I'd reperchess Skin Kissed over NutrientWise 


Now I wasn't actually sent this and I did pay full price, however, I thought I'd say something about it in this post.

This is the BEST mascara I've ever used, I repeat the BEST. I've known for a while that Benefit is known for their mascaras but I never really wanted to spend over £20 on one. I got a tester of bad gal bang in a branch box a few months back, used it once and was like wow. When people say it's like you have false lashes on they aren't lying, this product transforms a look. Anyway, I used my tester and when back to my old mascara, however, I couldn't get used to going back to smaller lashes, so yeah I've been converted and will properly never buy another mascara if you're looking to perches a life-changing benefit mascara 100% go for bad gal bang.

So there we go, a few things I've been sent and one purchase, I know this is a very new thing on my blog and I'm by no means a beauty blogger, I'm defiantly a no makeup girl at the moment, always after the easiest form of skincare #notime. Let me know if you liked this post or if you've tried any of these products before. 

Lucy Alice xx

Lucy Alice