The Notting Hill Dream

The beautiful city of London, more specifically the beautiful colourful streets of Notting Hill, if you have an Instagram account and follow any blogger, I'm pretty sure you would have seen these beautiful streets filling your feeds for years. 

Shamefully after being a photographer for 5 years now, I'd never done a photo shoot there, but 2017 was the year this was going to change.

Back in April of this year the lovely Isabella from Wearabelle, if you haven't seen her work before go have a look here, Isabella contacted me and said I want to do some images, "let's make them on trend and  different from what you normally see on blogs, lets make them ours."

Now I jumped at the chance, I love working with people who want to create something new for the online world, we knew we wanted to show the 80s style as it was going into the summer editorial season, So bright 80s it was, and the location was Notting Hill.  

With the location and styling in the bag, now it was finding a model who could help us bring this all together, we needed someone who could have fun with the shoot, showing us personality and style. 
Ashlee has modelled for me since my early stages of photography,  she's currently studying at London College of Fashion and from the go, I knew she'd bring exactly what we need to the shoot. 

So we had our team together, all ready to create the perfect summer Notting Hill dream and it couldn't have gone any better, This shoot has been by far one of my favourites to centre and edit. 
Enjoy the full editorial in all its glory, comment below if you like it and if you like this different style of blog post?

Lucy Alice xx