5 tips for London Fashion Week

Lucy Alice B Blog 5 Tips for LFW

London Fashion Week, an event that has no rule book, no guide lines and very few helpful tips, Just a full on 5 days of some of the best fashion shows in the world.

Attending my first official London Fashion Week back in February 2017, I'm still a newbie to the LFW world.
Having followed the event for as long as I could remember on Blogs, Social media and live streaming. I was excited and nervous approaching February, managing to get some tickets to shows and having already taken catwalk images at events like LFWF, I felt like I knew the bare workings of LFW, however the actual real life workings of the event I felt totally in the dark.

My first port of call was to google LFWtips, however, I found very little on this subject, leaving myself even more confused and in the dark. 

Having not been able to find anything helpful I set off anyway into one of the craziest week of my life so far and it's safe to say that my first LFW was a huge learning experience for me.  So here I am, in September getting ready to attend another LFW, I'm more prepared and ready for the next 5 days then I was back in February, but I wanted to share some tips to anyone travleing to London or looking to attened in the fucher, these have become by 5 live by rules for fashion Week, hope they help and get ready for the best week of your lifes. 

Tip 1 

don't over plan

Fashion week is an organised freaks dream, with shows and events all over the place, planning is a must, both before and during the event. I'll put my hands up I love a good list and I even created a colour coordinated show plan for February. However LFW is also an ever changing event, show tickets come in the night before, shoots pop up and even the weather can change your plan.

I learnt my beautiful colour coordinated plan went out the window pretty quickly, by day 2 I was just playing by ear and all the work I had done giving myself time for lunch and being home by a normal time had totally not gone to plan. This wasn't the end of the world, Fashion Week is on for such a short amount of time you end up getting swept up in the hole thing and before you know it it's all over, so yes have a plan but also be ready to go with the follow of LFW, It's an amazing ride.  

Tip 2 


When it comes to dressing for fashion week, people mean business, I mean it is fashion week after all. We all dream of being able to attend dressed in designer clothing and beautiful heels, although the truth is sometimes a lot less glamorous. unless you're a top end fashionista most likely you'll be doing a lot of walking and even more standing in ques for shows or out side shows. 

I learnt the hard way that a bad shoe chose on day one can course a lot of pain throughout the week, I had just bought myself a new pair of flats (yes they weren't even heels) I had my outfits planned and on day one I left for the 20 minute walk to the tube. 10 minutes in I had blisters the size of my heels, I wasn't even at fashion week and I could walk. These new shoes quickly made their way into a bin after an emergency stop to Primark and boots for trainers and a lot of blister plasters. I then spent the rest of the week struggling to walk and having more plasters on my feet than I thought possible, 100% learnt how not to do fashion week that day!!!

So here's my tip, get your self a pair of shoes that don't give you blisters or get uncomfortable after wearing them for more than a few hours, I was doing 14 hour days last season and my £9 Primark trainers saved my life. We're lucky flats and the trainer trend is still around, so why kill your feet, style up the most comfortable pair of shoes you own, you'll thank your self at the end of the day when you can still walk. 

Tip 3 

Get Creative

How many times have you seen the same LFW images or blog post about shows and events? 

Don't get me wrong there is a place for these, industry people and publication want them and they are safe, they clearly show and describe the clothing being shown. But if you're attending LFW for the first time or you're just there for yourself, why not make it a little bit interesting, stand out from the crowd. Take images from a different angle, it doesn't just have to be from the pit, blog about people sat in the back row, sketch the collection as it walks the catwalk or only look at the people not being photographed by all the street style photographers. In a world filled with social media influences standing out can sometimes be the best thing to do, put your own stamp on London Fashion Week. 

Another way to get creative  is with your clothing, Like I said there is no rule book to this event, anything goes and especially in fashion. so go crazy, where that garment you've been on the fence about, you might just fall in love with it at Fashion Week. 

Tip 4 


Network, Network, Network!!

LFW is one of the best places to network with other fashion industry people/influencers. Everyone you could ever really want to rub shoulders with is in one place, so make good use of this! However, networking doesn't have to be going up to every person, giving them a business card and really selling what it is you do, sometimes the smaller and simpler things work better, having a simple conversation with people while queuing for shows or grabbing a coffee. Something I've picked up over the years is treating everyone like a normal person, no matter who they are and a smile always go a long way.

Tip 5 

Have Fun

This is the biggest one, you're at London Fashion Week one of the best events in the fashion calendar so enjoy your time, the 5 days go quickly once they start and before you know it it's all over. Take everything in, not just the collections but the atmosphere as well. Enjoy your time and don't stress over the smaller details, there isn't right and wrong within fashion, just a lot of creativerty, so let your creative side out and try something new. 

So there you go, my 5 tips for London Fashion Week, as I said before I'm still learning how to attend this event and I'm sure September will teach me, even more, tips (expect an update to this post), right now I'm just excited to be traveling up to London tonight for the start of S/S18 LFW. Wish me luck and yes I have only packed my trainers. 

Lucy Alice xx