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Beautiful | Joyful | Powerful 

When I think about creating images, I want to showcase the fashion that not only makes you look good, but inspires a feeling of empowerment. As a freelance photographer and stylist, my work is about capturing original moments showcasing the amazing fashion being worn everyday. 

The clothes we wear have a bigger impact on our lives and emotions than we think.That gorgeous new coat you love or those sassy shoes you just bought - yeah those - the world needs to see them and you need to feel fabulous wearing whatever you want.

That’s why I started Lucy Alice in 2015, after many years taking photographs and creating images. Now based in London and Falmouth, my aim is to make you feel beautiful, joyful and powerful, through fashion and photography that show the world who you are.

Why not tell me what clothes make you feel amazing. Message me below or join me on my social media and let's create !

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